Marine vet in isolation in Guam questions authenticity of COVID-19 test result

Montae Willis (Fox News 2 photo)

By Randy Wimbley | FOX 2 Detroit

A Marine Corps veteran from Mount Clemens, Mich. is going on 11 days in isolation on Guam after testing positive for COVID-19. But 32-year-old Montae Willis says he’s very suspicious of the test after seeing the results himself.

“Once I realized what happened, I look at my name, I look at the positive result and I’m kinda in a state of shock,” he said.

Willis says he traveled to Guam August 13 in hopes of securing a contract to do some work at the Andersen Air Force base. He was having no symptoms whatsoever.

Health officials in Guam quarantined him upon arrival because they consider Michigan a high-risk state. Then he took a COVID-19 test four days later and noticed something was off. Way off.

“The birthdate was incorrect. The address was incorrect. The phone number was incorrect and the race was even incorrect,” he told us. “I don’t trust the results of my test because, as you seen in the photograph, they have my name at the top but there’s not a single thing other than my name to identify me to that positive result.”

So if this is not Montae’s information, whose is it?

We called the number on Montae’s test results. It’s a Geneva, Ohio area code, which is about an hour and half west of Centerville, Pennsylvania. No response.

Even so, health officials moved Willis to another hotel where he’s now in isolation with others who have tested positive for COVID-19.

“I was on the phone with my girlfriend and she said, ‘You need to get out of there,’ basically. ‘You’re in an isolation facility with a bunch of people who could possibly have COVID,'” he said. “I just felt like it was unjust to subject me to these conditions when you don’t have a positive test as far as I’m concerned.”

Montae demanded another COVID-19 test and got it. He’s currently waiting for those results.

We reached out to Congressman Andy Levin’s office as Montae lives in the ninth district. His office says they’re aware of the situation and are working to get to the bottom of it.