Marines Perform Arrested Landings on Tinian During Forager Fury II


TINIAN, Northern Mariana Islands- Marines and sailors participating in exercise Forager Fury II performed arrested landings on Tinian’s West Field Dec. 5.

The purpose of exercise FF II is to employ and assess combat power generation and operations in a deployed, austere and unimproved environment.

Marines with Marine Wing Support Squadron 171, Marine Aircraft Group 12, 1st Marine Aircraft Wing, III Marine Expeditionary Force used a Marine Corps expeditionary arresting gear system to enable F/A-18D Hornets to perform arrested landings and be refueled using a forward arming and refueling point. 

“The purpose of the (exercise) is to conduct arrested landings which are part of standardizing operating producers for (F/A-18D) Hornet pilots in the event the experience an emergency in which they need to bring the aircraft to a rapid halt,” said Lt. Col. Howard Eyth, commanding officer of MWSS-171.

During the training, Marines focused on speed and efficiency, enabling them to complete nine arrested landings within 30 minutes.

“Being the airfield operations we provide the aviation ground support aspect of the exercise,” said Chief Warrant Officer Charles Dine, expeditionary airfield fire and emergency services officer with MWSS-171. “We’re enablers for these type of exercises. (MWSS-171) provides the fuel, arresting gear and aircraft rescue and firefighting services.”

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