Mark Charfauros demoted from Colonel to Major following investigation


Charfauros can still appeal his demotion with the Civil Service Commission.

Guam – After completing their investigation into the actions of Col. Mark Charfauros on Christmas eve that was seen all over social media, Police Chief JI Cruz has demoted Charfauros to the rank of major.

“Effective today, I have demoted Col. Mark C. Charfauros from the rank of colonel to the rank of major,” announced Cruz during a press conference today.

Charfauros was just promoted to the rank of colonel last year and with that he became the highest ranking officer within the Guam Police Department. But that honor was taken away today and Cruz says the decision was his.  

“The decision to reduce Col. Charfauros to the rank of major was my decision based on what the Department of Administration rules and regulations indicate as to what authorities I have as the chief of police in rendering this kind of final adverse action,” noted Cruz.

The investigation into Charfauros took several weeks to complete and was conducted independently by three other law enforcement agencies—the Department of Corrections, The Guam Fire Department and the Guam Customs and Quarantine. Although it’s clear that the results of that investigation don’t go in favor of Charfauros, Cruz said he could not disclose the findings of the investigation.

But the incident that was being investigated has already been seen thousands of times over on social media. On Christmas eve last year, Charfauros is seen in leaked body cam footage berating officers who were responding to a call of illegal fireworks or explosives in Agat. At one point, Charfauros was even heard cussing.

With this demotion also comes a reduction in Charfauros’ salary, said Cruz. The chief of police will also be looking into which department he will be placing Charfauros into when he returns to work on February 23.

“In taking a look at the Maj. Charfauros’ previous pay grade, he stood at a certain pay grade. That pay grade and step escapes me at this particular point. However, because there was a demotion, he’s obviously been reduced in that,” noted Cruz.

The investigation into the incident, however, is not over. Chief Cruz says there is still the second half of the investigation to conduct and this involves all the police officers who responded to the Agat residence that night.

“We’re taking a look at the officers that responded to the incident that occurred that evening. So we’re looking at the actions of all the officers that were on duty that night and that night in question, I don’t have the exact number, the count of the police officers but all the officers on duty were summoned down to the precinct or to the investigation,” said Cruz.

Charfauros will still have the ability to appeal the final adverse action with the Civil Service Commission if he wants to challenge his demotion, Cruz said.