Marshals Cancel News Conference on Tedtaotao Arrests, Without Explanation


Guam – A news conference to discuss the arrests of  2 suspects on drug charges was abruptly cancelled this morning without explanation, and no word on whether it would be re-scheduled.

The U.S. Marshal’s Service along with other law enforcement arrested Eric Tedtaotao and his wife Macrina Wednesday in Barrigada. The couple were indicted on a variety of charges related to their alleged involvement in the importation and sale of crystal meth on Guam.

READ the Indictment HERE

The indictment alleges that the couple, along with Bertha Moore, “conspired …  to bring into the United States more than fifty (50) grams of methamphetamine hydrochloride .. from the .. Republic of the Philippines.”

The arrests of the Tedtaotao couple Wednesday morning occured on Route 8 in Barrigada and attracted attention from local residents who reported hearing gunshots, which turned out to be flash grenades which were set of to stun the pair, before taking them into custody.

yesterday, Deputy Marshal David Punzalan issued a release announcing a news conference today about the arrests. This morning he issued another release calling it off.

When contact by PNC  Punzalan said he was following instructions from superiors and he was not informed why the news conference was cancelled.


the us marshal’s service, in partnership with other law enforcement agencies have arrested wanted individuals who have been on the run.