Mask Wearing on AAFB No Longer Required

Andersen Air Force Base (PNC file photo)

A memorandum for Andersen Air Force Base Personnel was posted on the Andersen Air Force Base Facebook page that included this message:

Andersen Air Force Base (PNC file photo)
Team Andersen,
On behalf of Brig Gen Sloane, thank you and your families for your efforts and discipline in mask wear and adherence to COVID-19 mitigation measures during the recent record spike in cases on the island. Your discipline enabled us to successfully execute COPE NORTH 2022, the largest Air Force exercise we have seen to date during the pandemic, and to posture us for continued success as we move into future operations and exercises.
Effective immediately, DoD service members, federal employees, contractor employees, dependents and other official visitors are no longer required to wear masks on AAFB per updated CDC guidance and DoD policy. Exceptions will apply for those facilities that require mask wear in order to safely operate.
The CDC recently adjusted their metrics used to determine the risk associated with the spread of COVID-19. Using CDC guidance for community levels, AAFB is now in the medium risk category (yellow), below the level where the CDC recommends requiring masks indoors.
· Personnel must continue to wear face masks where directed within certain facilities
· Gov Guam continues to maintain indoor mask requirements—follow all local community guidance while off AAFB
· All personnel should continue to maintain social and physical distancing and personal hygiene standards to decrease the spread of COVID-19
Stay up to date on current AAFB COVID-19 community levels and mitigation measures by following Andersen AFB’s website and Facebook page at…/36th…/COVID-19-Guidance/ and or download the Air Force Connect App and add Andersen AFB to your favorites.
For additional information on CDC guidance and community levels please visit the CDC website at…/prevent…/about-face-coverings.html and…/201…/science/community-levels.html.