Mass Inspection of School Buses Begins


Guam –  About 14 school buses got inspected Wednesday Morning.  None of them failed the safety inspection.  Another 14 will be inspected Thursday. The inspections were ordered by the Attorney General after they told the Department of Public Works that the law must be followed.

Shortly after the school bus drivers made the early Wednesday morning runs, all the buses that were on the roads without a proper inspection and registration had to report to the Dededo bus yard at 830AM.

This stemmed from a meeting held Tuesday morning at the office of the Attorney General, the AG ordered DPW get all of the school buses inspected.

During this mass inspection, Anthony Tamayo from Genos and Anthony’s inspected every bus that came in.

Genos and Anthony’s is the company that has been awarded the purchase order to conduct these inspections for these buses.

The safety inspections conducted today are very similar to the one conducted on your personal vehicle. Tamayo checked the air in the tires, breaks, horn, lighting and signalling devices.

According to DPW Deputy Director Jesse Garcia says, “The buses are safe to drive. and basically there shouldn’t have any problems with the inspection so that’s why we are ordering them to come to inspection today.”

But there are some minor repairs that have to be made here and there.  According to Garcia, “There radiators that need to be repaired, but thats not part of the inspection, its a maintenance thing, so if a radiator is down it doesn’t involve the inspection, or the safety of the vehicle.”

The ages of the buses have a lot to do with some of the maintenance issues. There are currently two types of companies being used, Blue Bird that have been in service since the early 1990’s and a newer company, Thomas.

Garcia says, “The buses range from 1990 is the oldest bus, it’s difficult to deal with older buses because they break down more and the parts for the buses are harder to obtain so that the issue we have.”

According to Tamayo, today he inspected and passed 14 buses. He says he still needs to inspect another 14, but plans to do them tomorrow.