Massage Parlor Owner Charged With Giving a Bribe


Guam – Mei Fang Yang has been charged with giving a bribe to a Rev & Tax Road Examiner.


According to the magistrate’s complaint, Road Examiner Arthur Meno reported to police on Friday that he was giving Yang a road exam when she offered him a “substantial amount of money in exchange for passing her on the road exam.”

READ the Magistrate’s report HERE [scroll to last report]

Meno says he ended the exam and then Yang forcefully placed money into his coat pocket and told him that she owned a massage parlor and invited Meno to stop by for free services.

Meno reported the incident to his supervisor and turned over the $170 dollars in cash he says Yang gave him.

According to the magistrate’s report, Yang told the arresting officer that she gave Meno the money “so that she can pass her driver’s test.”