Maternity Ward Bill Passes Along With All Other Bills That Were Voted On


Maternity Ward Bill Passes

Lawmakers passed all the bills that they voted on during session this afternoon.



 Among the bills passed was Bill 393 to improve the maternity ward at the Guam Memorial Hospital. The measure would allow GovGuam to borrow up to $7 million dollars for the improvements. The improvements should eliminate the need for mothers who are giving birth to be moved from room to room before during and after delivery. Governor Calvo has said he supports the measure and would sign it into law. Senator Brant McCreadie’s Bill 388 was passed and if signed into law it would authorize the issuance of tax credits to businesses that contribute to the construction and rehabilitation of the old Tiyan gym. It’s similar to the model that was used to develop the Harmon soccer facilities. The bill would not only allow for the renovation to the dilapidated abandoned gym but it would also build outdoor courts and turn the entire area into a complex of courts that would be used by the Guam basketball confederation. Senator Mike San Nicolas’ “Responsible Real Property Tax Payer Relief Act” was also passed. It’s a measure that would, if signed into law, extend deadlines for homeowners, farmers, seniors, and persons with disabilities to apply for property tax exemption. It also lowers the statute of limitations for property tax collections from 30 years to 10 years. All other bills that lawmakers voted on today were passed as well.