Matson assures shipping to Guam will continue uninterrupted

Matson's 'Kaimana Hila' arrives at the Port of Guam Tuesday March 17,2020.

Matson issued the following statement today in response to concerns circulating on Guam about service disruption related to COVID-19:

“All Matson operations continue uninterrupted. Matson intends to maintain all service schedules as normal with weekly service to Guam from the U.S. West Coast and Honolulu.

Matson is committed to taking all appropriate steps to ensure the continuation of services, including the deployment of reserve vessels if necessary to continue meeting the needs of our customers.

“Matson is monitoring developments closely and ensuring compliance with all United States Coast Guard and local, federal and international government reporting and prevention directives for maritime operations. Matson also has frequent and regular communication with the United States Coast Guard and the Port of Guam Authority regarding commercial port operations.”