Matson marks inaugural Guam arrival of new vessel


One of the largest container ships in the United States has docked on Guam.

Kaimana Hila, Matson’s largest container ship in the U.S., made its inaugural call on Guam Tuesday and Matson Chief Engineer Brad McDermant gave a tour of the ship.

The vessel tour began at the galley and crew mess room where we got to see how the crew lived their daily lives. The tour took us through the crew and captain’s staterooms, which had an impressive space for their staff to relax and have fun while out on sea.

The tour ended at the navigation bridge, with a view of the hundreds of containers stacked up on the massive ship.

Stretching over 854 feet, the Kaimana Hila is three times the height of the Statue of Liberty. It is the largest container ship ever built in the U.S., alongside its sister ship the Daniel K. Inouye.

The Kaimana Hila is Hawaiian for Diamond Head, and is a tribute to Hawaiian Senator Inouye’s favorite song. It is also Matson’s fastest vessel, with a maximum speed of around 24 knots, and carries 3,220 20-foot containers.

The vessel incorporates a number of green ship technology to help protect the environment, which includes dual-fuel engines that can run on liquefied natural gas (LNG), freshwater ballast systems, and environmentally safe double hull fuel tanks.

The tour was part of the introduction of the new ship that was blessed earlier Tuesday by Guma’ inian I Saina-ta as they welcomed the ship to Guam. Giving their opening remarks was Lt. Gov. Joshua Tenorio followed by Matson’s Vice President and General Manager for Guam and Micronesia, Bernadette N. “Bernie” Valencia. Other dignitaries from the government of Guam were also present at the event.