May See Wet and Breezy Week


However, Tropical Storm Choi-Wan is not expected to bring severe weather.

Guam – The National Weather Service expects next few days to be wet and breezy on the Mariana Islands. 


In its Mariana Island Forecast, NWS projected winds to blow at up to 25 miles per hour on Tuesday. While relatively high winds of 20 MPH stays on Wednesday, scattered showers are also added. In explaining such weather forecast, NWS writes in its Area Forecast Discussion, “Tropical Storm Choi-Wan is near 22N 154E with a very large wind field affecting most of the northwest pacific.”


Besides winds and moisture, Choi-Wan is not expected to bring severe weather, because this circulation is already quite distanced northeast from the Marianas, and is expected to continue northwestward tonight. In fact, the Weather Service also points out on a possibility of weather turning out to be drier than expected; “If model and satellite trends continue toward a dry bias…we may need to further reduce shower and cloud coverage for Wednesday and remove mention of thunder.”


Residents, however, are asked to monitor the situation, as High Surf and Small Craft Advisories are in effect until 6AM Thursday. If Choi-Wan developed further and even becomes a typhoon sometime Tuesday, advisories might be extended.