Mayor Alig: ‘I think I was a political sacrificial lamb’

Mayor Jesse Alig (PNC photo)

Mayors Council of Guam president Jesse Alig said Wednesday he felt like a political sacrificial lamb during a news conference held Tuesday charging Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero of withholding American Rescue Plan money from the mayors.

The governor has since assured that there will be American Rescue Fund money available for the mayors and that the only question is what process will be used to distribute the funds.

Alig, who was present during the news conference along with Congressman Michael San Nicolas and Senator James Moylan, said he was “not a party” to that news conference.

“I think I was the sacrificial lamb. The worst part I think about my job is having to play these political games,” Alig said in an interview with NewsTalk K57’s Patti Arroyo.

He added that he thought it was just a meeting between him and Congressman San Nicolas and Senator Moylan and that he did not think that it would be a news conference.

“I was just kind of in the middle of that, not knowing. And what I really wanted to know was if there was black and white documentation as to that $32 million flowing to municipal governments, the explanation of municipal governments, and whether the money could actually be transmitted or deposited to our municipalities, was my question,” Alig said.

He added: “The governor already said what she’s going to do … she just said it this morning.”

Alig said the mayors council has a quarterly meeting with the governor on Thursday and he’s sure the governor will clarify and assure the mayors that there will be ARP money coming to them.