Mayor mourns loss of daughter, the youngest life lost to COVID so far

Jasmine Salas was 31 years old, she had an entire future ahead of her.

Losing a loved one is never easy but in the current public health pandemic, the loss of a loved one to COVID-19 is especially difficult. PNC’s Jolene Toves speaks with Asan/Maina Mayor Frankie Salas who is mourning the death of his youngest daughter Jasmine — the youngest life lost to COVID so far.

Jasmine Salas was 31 years old, she had an entire future ahead of her filled with watching her two young children grow, spending time with her family, and being her outgoing self and making new friends. But all that has now vanished as Jasmine has become the youngest patient to succumb to complications related to COVID-19.

“Yesterday my son in law was making breakfast for her and when he went in to check on her he found her not just sleeping, but not breathing. So right away he called up 911 and the ambulance came and picked her up later and took her and pronounced her dead at GRMC,” Mayor Salas said.

Mayor Salas shares that Jasmine was a diabetic being treated with insulin. On Friday, just days before her passing, she was taken to the Guam Memorial Hospital by ambulance for shortness of breath. She was sent home the same day. Although he is not pointing fingers at who may be at fault for his daughter’s death, the mayor is puzzled with GMH’s response and care for his daughter.

“So in other words, I don’t know why the hospital didn’t keep her and do an observation on her. That’s what I am kind curious about. What’s going on? Is it because of insurance or there’s no room at the hospital?” Mayor Salas asked.

After being sent home, the mayor says her daughter’s health declined quickly. Worried, he urged her to continue to fight but shares he felt deep inside that COVID would take her.

The mayor was also diagnosed with COVID and is in isolation. Because of this, he could not see his daughter but he did check in with her almost every day. He said Sunday was the last time he spoke with Jasmine.

“I really love my daughter you know. She likes to put make-up on herself and put it on WhatsApp of Facebook. She has a lot of friends. She’s just like me, meets lots of people and likes having friends, no enemies…that’s how I feel with her. I really, really was down yesterday. That’s all I feel…thinking about her … it’s really hard feeling this way,” Mayor Salas said.

Jasmine leaves behind two children — a 3-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son.

“It’s so sad because they don’t know really what’s going on and they keep saying my mom is sleeping … my mom is sleeping,” the mayor said.

On behalf of Sorensen Media Group and PNC News, we offer our condolences to Mayor Salas and his family.


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