Mayor’s Council Disputes Allegations Regarding Liberation Casino


GUAM – The Mayors Council disputes the allegation of improper hiring of Liberation Casino employees.  

The mayor’s council is defending its control over the Liberation Carnival Casino, after attorney Vince Camacho claimed that the Guam Liberation Historical Society is improperly employing staff to run the carnival.


While attorneys wait on a decision from Superior Court Judge Arthur Barcinas on the future of the Liberation Carnival Casino, the mayor’s council says they want to set the record straight. Mayor Robert Hoffman says that the Guam Liberation Historical Society is a registered non-profit and they do have the proper employee identification numbers for the employees operating the casino.

Hoffman tells PNC he’s not sure why the Guam Liberation Historical Society’s status as a non-profit was questioned to begin with.

“What’s the interesting part is that even though you can search EINs online, say I checked or something but we have it, I have it on my phone, its actually our accountants and the bookkeeping companies that we use to help put our stuff together,” Hoffman said “[They] did the work for us, so you have everybody from our auditors all the way down to just the bookkeepers and the people who handle payroll and taxes are all in sync on this, so we all scratched our head like, ‘did somebody forget something somewhere?’”

Hoffman says the legislation that attorney Camacho is referring to as the reason why the government can’t operate the carnival in house was created in order to make it more convenient for temporary businesses, specifically carnivals, attract sponsors. Hoffman says that current Guam law is confusing and does not have a specific status for events like carnivals and fairs.

“Right now if you actually pull up the Guam laws on certain things or activities that mayors do, or just activities on Guam in general, there really is no status for temporary fair type events, block party type,” Hoffman said. “So all these heavy regulations get imposed on something that is really gonna last one, two, three, four, five days, or sometimes as long as the carnival. The carnival is the longest temporary side of it.”