Mayors adopting various approaches to address stray animal issue

The number of stray animals on island is on the rise. (PNC file photo)

The stray animal roundup is still active and village mayors are committed to resolving this issue and open to alternative solutions to the problem.

Started back in February of this year, the round-up is part of a plan to address the island’s stray animal issue.

Since its start, there have been mixed responses to the ways the animals have been captured.

Piti mayor Jesse Alig, president of the Mayor’s Council of Guam, tells PNC that while the village mayors are deeply involved in catching strays and turning them over to the GAIN Animal Shelter, others are proposing alternative solutions to address this problem.

“There are different proposals from Senator (Clynt) Rygell’s proposal and Department of Agriculture. Though the one thing, I think, the Mayors Council needs to do is to have its own stance and to either stick by it, do its research, and go full force on submitting our stance on how best to resolve this issue,” Alig said.

Although the council agrees that there are alternative solutions besides the roundup, they agreed on a multi-prong approach, meaning doing different methods to solve the bigger issue.

“We are sure that this round-up is not going to solve all our problems, that’s just a small portion of the bigger problem. Another way of doing it is sterilization and the release of the animals. Of course, in other meetings, it was discussed that that was the best way but we also determined that it’s not the only way. And so, we want to consider other ways to resolve this issue,” Alig said.

Alig wants the public to know that the council is very involved in fixing and finding a resolution to the stray animal issue.

Currently, GAIN has reached max capacity in accepting animals