Mayors and other agencies fine-tune games of chance rules

(PNC photo)

Guam – The Mayor’s Council of Guam, Department of Revenue and Taxation, and the Guam Legislature continues to fine tune details of the rules and regulations for operating games of chance during Guam’s Liberation festivities, according to Mayor Melissa Savares, MCOG President.

It’s about accountability – especially with the proposed non-cash system to be used during the 75th Diamond Liberation Carnival,

Savares said on NewsTalk K57’s Morning’s with Patti, “So they’ll have a cage or a cashiers area, where people go and change cash for chips and of course, the accountability of that on a daily basis you get this much, you sell this much chips, that same night you should balance out with what comes in and what goes out.”

Although a vendor has yet to be selected to operate the cash cage, GovGuam stakeholders must consider the difficulties of maintaining accountability, most especially with a cash-to-chips exchange system. Plus, there is the required daily reporting for the system.

“Then of course, having a compliance officer there. Rev and Tax has already looked at the cost of overtime, night differential and having representatives from their agency come out,” Savares said.

The task of reviewing and approving remain in the hands of lawmakers says Savares, with the possibilities of introducing certain amendments, which would have to be approved by the legislature.