VIDEO: Mayors and Vice Mayors to Undergo Drug Testing


Guam – Mayors and Vice Mayors will now have to take a drug test.

Piti Mayor Ben Gumataotao made the motion to require the drug testing during today’s Mayors’ Council of Guam meeting.  Gumataotao says the motion was not prompted by any recent events or a suspicion of drug use amongst his colleages.

“The community’s who I work for and they deserve to trust their leaders” Gumataotao told PNC explaining the motion.

If any of the elected leaders fail their drug test they will have to undergo rehab which Council President Paul McDonald says is in-line with the policy for GovGuam employees.  Mayors’ Council Executive Director Angel Sablan says the tests will be paid for through the village accounts.  According to Sablan the Mayors and Vice Mayors will not know what day their drug test is scheduled for and will receive a call to be tested the day they are to take their test.