Mayors asked to help identify bus stops that need sprucing up

Many bus stops are in need of sprucing up. (PNC photo)

As schools are being prepped for face-to-face instruction, the Islandwide Beautification Task Force is also getting busy with plans to spruce up bus stops all over the island.

Sinajana Mayor Robert Hofmann — who is the Task Force Vice-Chairperson — recently asked the Mayors Council’s help in identifying village bus stops that need sprucing up and cleaning up for the islandwide project.

Each mayor has to identify three bus stops in their village. They have to submit photos and maps of the area where the bus stops are located

He says the annual project draws in multi-agency support and it is the task force’s way of increasing engagement with the community.

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“We understand that people from the private sector, volunteers, the military, people from different agencies and departments are all stepping up for this. This was planned prior to the school reopening. We are just trying to find out if we can light some fire so we can get that done sooner than later,” Hofmann said.

He added: “It turned out really well. We did it in partnership with GDOE. There’s a lot of bus stops on the island but a lot of the bus stops are not used. So it was also brought to light that some areas that need to be relocated.”

Some of the bus stops are also in bad condition, he added.

Hofmann says depending on the response from the community and project partners, that number may increase from 3 bus stops to 5.