Mayors asked to support widespread use of electric scooters all over Guam

Buetta electric scooters (

Buetta Electric is looking to introduce a rental scooter system for the people of Guam.

At the Mayors Council meeting Tuesday, John Ananinch, co-founder of Buetta Electric, a company that currently sells electric scooters, proposed an islandwide rental plan for the scooters.

“It’s a technological business and basically what we’re doing is we’re trying to bring Guam into the technology of the present. Because although we are more advanced than other places, we’re still really behind. The reason that I say that is because what you’re looking at, this Buetta Electric scooter, a 100% electric scooter, is a vehicle that has already been in use in Asia and in Europe for a decade And it is a form of transportation that almost 50% of those communities are using,” Ananinch said.

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When asked why they decided to introduce the rental system, Buetta Electric co-founder Natan Aguirre had this to say:

“We currently offer a line of scooters, I personally use that as my main form of transportation, and we found that it’s a very user-friendly, eco-friendly, smart solution to provide micro-mobility, so we sell that. Not everyone is going to look at purchasing a scooter for their personal use, but they can still benefit from the scooter and micromobility, in general, which provides really good energy, weight to energy ratio.”

He added: “It just made sense to try and expand that to as many people as possible, and the best way to do that is through a rental platform. We’re looking at distributing in key centers of the island and also working with island leaders, that is why we went to the mayor’s council to work with leaders of the community and see where it would benefit the community to put distribution centers or concentration of our upcoming rental platform.”

Aguirre stated that they hope to launch the program in the upcoming months or around Liberation Day. Currently, the scooters are not sanctioned for road use but are able to be used on Guam’s sidewalks.

When asked for additional comments, Aguirre had this to say.

“Really, now is the time for the island to be thinking about the environment and be thinking about how to be green. We encourage everyone to do that…just have that in your daily life. Thinking about that and be green.”