VIDEO: Mayors Call For Election Reform After Upsets in Tuesday’s Race


Guam – The Mayors’ Council meeting this morning was hot with discussion on the election process. While its not yet known if Tuesday’s results will be challenged, many mayors are calling for election reform before the next big race.

Yona Mayor Pedo Terlaje said his supporters say they saw 200-300 people enter the Village to vote that they had never seen before.

“We all knew that something is going on,” Terlaje told his colleagues but added that he does not want to be seen as a bad sport. “I don’t want to indulge myself in making such a complaint.”

After 12 years as Mayor, Terlaje was defeated by Ken Joe Ada.

Terlaje and his supporters also speculate that Ada might not be living in the village.

“We found out that this particular person used to stay in Tumon,” Terlaje went on to say at today’s meeting “He’s presently residing in Piti and the Mayor of Piti can vouch for that.”

Terlaje said he will be pushing for election reform before he leaves office and nearly all of the mayors in the room agreed that there is a need to verify physical addresses for voter registration.

“People that loose their elections that fall victim to these fly votes, its going to continue to happen,” said Yigo Mayor Bob Lizama, who also fell to a challenger in the election.

Ada today told PNC THAT he looks forward to serving the people of Yona as mayor. As for the allegations regarding outside residents voting in the election, Ada said he does not have the power or resources to bring outside voters in. He also told PNC that he has been a resident of Yona since he was five years old and says he met all of the Guam Election Commission’s requirements to run in the election.