VIDEO: MGrowing Number of Break-ins Reported in Agana Heights & Sinajana; Mayors Ask GPD for Help


Guam- Residents from Agana Heights and Sinajana are reporting a large number of break-ins in their villages for over a week now.

Vice Mayor Robert Hofmann says at least 1 to 2 homes a day are broken into on a daily basis, while cars are being stolen or broken into as well. He says they have noticed a pattern because it is also happening to Agana Heights residents. Hofmann mentions he already wrote a letter to the Chief of Police over the weekend on their concerns.

“They’re not doing this when people are not home” said Hofmann. “They’re doing this while people are there. So really for the safety of our Man’amko and residents, we’re just telling everybody make sure you lock your doors and valuables. Take your things down, even if it’s only going to be for a short time that you’re stopping by home to drop something. The thieves are doing smash and grab jobs.”

However, Agana Heights Mayor Paul McDonald says he is upset with the police because officers didn’t respond to one of the break-ins that was called in last night until the following morning. He notes in one night, they had a total of 12 break-ins.

“We were kind of upset because during the time of the break-ins, one of our residents called the Guam police and they never responded until the following day” said McDonald. “We could have avoided some of those break-ins if they were to respond.”

McDonald adds through the efforts of their neighborhood watch program, two videos were recorded and another resident took pictures of 6 to 7 individuals involved with the break-ins. However, none are being released today [Wednesday] because of the police investigation. The mayors are asking if anyone has information on these crimes to call Guam Crime Stoppers at (671) 477-HELP .