Mayors’ Council and Liberation Historical Society Donates New Nissan Truck to iRecycle


Guam – For the past several years the joint partnership and collaboration between the Mayors Council and the iRecycle program, on its goal of “Zero Waste or Pretty Darn Near” at all the Liberation related events and particularly the Liberation Carnival has been successful.  The aggressive implementation of the recycling program includes aluminum cans, food waste, steel cans, plastics 1 and 2, glass, cardboard, and waste cooking oil all of which have been a part of the Liberation operations plan for the past few years.

MCOG Executive Director and Overall Chairperson for the 69th Liberation Festivities Mr. Angel Sablan says “From the Parade to the Carnival- iRecycle Program Administrator Ms. Peggy Denny has been a huge help.  She also assists our villages at our fairs, festivals and fiestas to even include helping our business sector, civic groups and school communities at numerous 5K’s, school events, concerts, gatherings and mainly the schools aluminum can collections program”

Mr. Sablan continues.  “When we heard that she was without a vehicle for the iRecycle program the Mayors and the Liberation Historical Society took action”… he continues “The truck would not have been possible without the support of the Nissan Motor Company of Guam who was able to cover a portion of the costs as well as include the trailer hitch, service, maintenance and extended warranties. We’d also like to thank Mr. Rod Grino and Hafa Adai Signs who will be placing the iRecycle, sponsors & partners logos on the truck”

Sinajana Mayor Robert Hofmann expands on the Liberation Zero Waste or Pretty Darn Near program- “We are striving to make all our events a truly “green” event, by using CFLs, (compact fluorescent light bulbs), reducing the power consumption at the carnival dramatically. We have implemented programs to promote the use of biodegradable food service products in order to eliminate Styrofoam and all non recyclable plastic products significantly decreasing the overall volume of trash generated at the carnival.”  Mayor Hofmann continues “The biodegradable’s are separated from other trash and are composted to ensure that they are not taken to the landfill. This not only reduces the volume of waste generated but also creates a product that can be used by Guam’s farmers to improve soil quality.”

The Mayors’ Council of Guam adds “This donation is our community’s way to saying “Si Yu’us Ma’ase” to the iRecycle program, Ms. Peggy Denny, the volunteers and the community sponsor/partners in helping keep Guam clean and green.”

The Mayors Council of Guam and the Guam Liberation Historical Society would like to extend its appreciation to the 2013 vendors and concessionaires and our Liberation candidates for their generosity and assistance in making this donation possible.

A short ceremony and presentation to iRecycle will be on Sunday June 9th, at 7:00PM at the Main Stage on the Carnival Grounds and the public is invited to attend.