Mayors Council asks DRT to accept email verification for All RISE applications

Piti mayor and Guam Mayors Council president Jesse Alig (PNC file photo)

Mayor’s offices across the island are inundated with requests for mayor’s verifications.

Mayors Council president Jesse Alig says this is a sign that the Department of Revenue and Taxation and the island’s mayors need to update the way they do business.

As residents continue to get their documents ready for the All RISE application to roll out, one of the main concerns is the increase in demand for mayor’s verification forms.

In an interview with NewsTalk K57’s Patti Arroyo, Mayors Council of Guam president and Piti mayor Jesse Alig talked about new efforts to improve collaboration between the Mayors Council and Rev and Tax.

Mayor Alig said that currently, MCOG is trying to convince DRT to link all mayor’s offices electronically, similar to what the council has done with Public Health, where rather than printing any verification, everything would be transferred via email. However, the council is still waiting on DRT for confirmation.

Mayor Alig hopes that DRT would accept the email verification on the basis that the All RISE Act application has to be filled online anyway. He further states that through the email verification, time would be saved for both DRT and residents applying for the program.

“They just need to call us in or send us an email, and we’ll send it over. We have scanning services, so you know, if they have a previously issued verification and they don’t want to wait and it’s just something that they need a copy of, we can certainly make a copy for them. Of course, there are the larger villages that have the longer wait lines. We just ask that people be patient when it comes to the larger villages,” Alig said.

Along with trying to expedite mayor’s verifications, Alig hopes that mayors will help residents with the entire application process, especially those who do not have a computer.

“Just like the vaccination clinics and making appointments online, most of the mayor’s offices were making appointments for the residents. And if it has something to do with an online submission, I’m assuming that residents will reach out to their mayor. And that is what we’re called to do…if there’s a longer line then perhaps each mayor’s office can develop their own standard operating procedures on how they’re going to address this,” Alig said.