Mayor’s Council Leadership Sworn In


Guam – The leadership for the Mayors Council of Guam were officially sworn in today (Friday).

During a ceremony at the triangle park in Agana heights they announced their new leadership. Dededo Mayor Melissa Savares has been re-elected for the third time as president of the mayors council. Sinajana vice-mayor Robert Hoffman has been elected vice-president, former president Agat mayor Carol Tayama is now the secretary and Inarajan Mayor Franklin Taitague is the new treasurer. President Savares gave a speech saying the mayors would be committed to providing services to the people of Guam even during these austere financial times. “2011 is indeed an exciting year for all of us and i am sure governor Eddie Calvo has felt the excitement already despite the financial constraints that we are in there is no other way to look at our future than optimism and certainty of success.”

 Mayor’s council Executive Director Angel Sablan said that no money was spent on today’s ceremony as all of the food, drinks, and decorations were donated by the various village mayors.