Village Mayors Discuss Upcoming Liberation

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The Mayors’ Council of Guam had its regular meeting at Hagatna today at 10 am. They discussed the community crimes task force, FEMA reimbursements, and the 78th Liberation festivities.

Santa Rita Mayor Dale Alvarez asked if there would be liberation candidates; however, it was decided that the council did not approve of it.

Jesse Alig MCOG President stated,  “No we are not. The proposed sponsor–they didn’t go through with it. They did not push through with it and of course there were some questions about– there were some legal issues about it. There were some issues that it would cause some kind of precedence. And it was too rushed and at the end of the day it was easier that we didn’t do it.”

As for the float, it will be a trailer-sized float for the villages.

Alig added, “It’s a trailer-sized float for the 19 villages that it was small enough for you to produce a good quality float.”

The voting of the float was also asked by the Mayor of Inarajan Anthony P. Chargualaf, who asked if the public was aware of how to cast their votes.

Alig also stated, “Yes, there will be GVB and KUAM. KUAM is the sponsor so GVB and KUAM will be working on it, I believe. It’s going to come out next week on how– on the voting for all the floats, including the village floats.”

Agat Mayor Kevin J.T. Susuico also got confirmation that cultural dancers, sports groups, and other performers have to be present at 7 am.

Alig responded stating, “So let it be known that 7 am is the requested time. And it does include– so they’re going to take a picture of your float so however you want your float to be judged at 7 am, your float should look ready to be judged.”

The 78th Guam Liberation Day will be on July 21, 2022 with floats and festivities for the whole island to enjoy. For more information, contact the Mayors’ Council of Guam at (671) 477-8461.

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