Mayor’s Council Proposes Solution to Stray Dogs


Guam – The Mayor’s Council of Guam has some recommendations for how to handle the stray dog population on Guam.

The mayors say they want to take the lead in the control of the island’s stray dog population. Mayor’s council of Guam President Melissa Savares says that all they need are the resources and the support from the Department of Agriculture. “We as mayors know where these packs are if we can take the lead with the agencies supporting us,” said Mayor Savares adding, “We have three groups simultaneously working together at the same time throughout the island one animal control officer per group and and then have even a representative from the Guam Police Department a representative from GAIN (Guam Animals In Need).”

The mayors council president says that given the resources and the support of the other government agencies involved the stray dog population can be controlled.