VIDEO: Mayors Council Gets 68 Bids for Carnival, More Than Last Year, Bid Awards Announced MONDAY


Guam -The Mayors Council received about 68 bids for the 2012 Liberation Carnival, including bidders for the casino and games of chance.


Executive Director Angel Sablan says no bids have been awarded yet because they are going over documentation of various non profits. He adds the minimum bid for the casino was $100 thousand, but the bid that came in was $306 thousand dollars. He could not say which bidder proposed that amount until it is awarded on Monday. Sablan does say the council has enough money in the bank to use for the liberation festivities.

“We received more bids than we did last year” said Sablan. “We have now close to $450 thousand dollars in the bank to use for liberation festivities. And hopefully in the end, we’ll have quite a bit of money to give to the First Lady for the foster children and her causes.”

Sablan mentions they will begin clearing parts of Tiyan this week and construction of the carnival will happen later this month.