Mayors fail to qualify for FEMA COVID-19 assistance

Funding opportunities were brought up during the Mayors Council of Guam meeting Wednesday morning.

The Mayors’ Council of Guam did not qualify for COVID-19-related funding from FEMA because of certain requirements.

This concern and other funding opportunities were brought up during the Mayors’ Council of Guam meeting Wednesday morning.

Angel Sablan, MCOG executive director, reported on the status of the funding. He says initially, MCOG was approached by FEMA two months ago, informing the council that they can apply for COVID-19 assistance.

Under the grant, FEMA will pay for COVID-19-related expenses such as personal protective equipment, shields, and cleaning supplies that are used in the mayors’ offices.

However, Sablan said FEMA had several requirements for the funding and at this point, the mayors’ council did not qualify under the terms of the funding.

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“The only thing that FEMA will pay for is if you have a COVID case in your office and the office was sanitized. If the office was not sanitized, we do not qualify,” Sablan told the mayors.

“At this point, we do not have an application for FEMA because we did not qualify under their new guidance. The only way that we can get it back…like what the President is asking through funding from the Governor…is that we get reimbursed through the CARES ACT funding,” Sablan added.

Sablan says cost is another consideration for the FEMA COVID-19 funding. He says an applicant must accrue around $3,300 in COVID-19 related expenses before applying for funding.

Meanwhile, Sablan also reported that there are other funding streams that can be used by the mayors for their daily operations. He says Public Health’s CARES ACT funding should be able to take care of the hazardous and differential pay of their employees until December 31st.



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