Vice-Mayor Hoffman Questions Need for Special Session; Says Mayors Already Accepted Public Health’s Offer to Continue Senior Services


Guam – Vice Mayor Robert Hoffman is questioning the need for the emergency bill that is being considered in a Special Session called by Speaker Won Pat for this afternoon [Monday].

Sinajana Vice Mayor Robert Hoffman told PNC News this morning that the Mayor’s Council was approached by Public Health and agreed to take over the services provided to the island’s 12 Senior Centers upon expiration of the contract Wednesday and that they would conitnue providing the services, without interruption.

Hoffman said neither Senator Rodriguez or Speaker Won Pat approached the Mayors Council about their emergency bill.

Public Health Director James Gillan told PNC News last week that he asked the Mayors to take over the services after GGARP/SPIMA rejected Public Health’s contract renewal offer.

He explained that Public Health had to lower the contract offer because of the ongoing GovGuam budget crisis. Only $855 thousand dollars was avialable, rather than the $1.04 million in previous years.  That works out to about $60-thousand a month.

However, late Friday Health Committee Chair Senator Dennis Rodriguez introduced an emergency bill to allow GGARP/SPIMA to continue to provide the services.

Speaker Judi Won Pat then called a Special Session for TODAY to consider the bill which she and Senator Palacios have co-sponsored.

Bill # 431 would provide for a limited extension of the contract allowing the GovGuam Association of Retired Persons/ and Servicio Para I Manamko [GGARP/SPIMA].

READ Bill #431 HERE

Hoffman said he will be meeting with some lawmakers at  1 pm this afternoon, ahead of the 2 pm Special Session