Mayors urged to support self-determination march

Dr. Robert A. Underwood is a Co-Principal Investigator for the project titled “Developing CHamoru Language Infrastructure: Goggue Yan Chachalani Mo’na I Fino’-ta (Embrace and Make a Way Forward for Our Language).”

“It’s not over until it’s over!”

This was what Dr. Robert Underwood, a longtime advocate for Chamorro self-determination, told the Mayors Council of Guam this morning, stressing that the recent Dave Davis court ruling should not deter the island’s quest for self-determination.

Underwood spoke at the council meeting to seek community support for the planned Fanohge March for CHamoru Self-Determination this September, emphasizing that the march is not specifically for independence, statehood, or free association, but for self-determination.

“The point of the march is that the people who were colonized should have at least one time, one time to vote on their — on what their preference is. That is what CHamoru self-determination is. So anybody who has lived on Guam a long time and anybody who understands the history of Guam can support that,” Underwood said.

Underwood said the statement has to be made that it’s not over for Guam’s self-determination and that island leaders must reaffirm support for CHamoru self-determination. He said there are still options that Guam can pursue and that the Davis court ruling should be treated as merely a setback.

“Dave Davis is not going to have the last word on this. We are going to have the last word on this — Biba Guam! Biba! — That is the whole point of it. So, as we go through this process, we hope you will support it,” Underwood said.

He added: “For some people, the result of the ninth circuit — the issue is now over. What we are trying to say is — it is not over. It is not over until we say it is over.”

The “Fanohge: March for CHamoru Self-Determination” is set to take place on Sept. 2, Labor Day. The event will feature a march from Adelup to the U.S. District Court aimed at providing a symbolic demonstration of unity around the values of respect and inafa’maolek, with regards to the issue of CHamoru self-determination.