Mayors Will Fight to Keep Raises


Mayors make $75 thousand dollars a year. Today they spoke about presenting a united front to fight to retain their raises that are in danger of being repealed.

Guam – The Mayors Council is going to fight to keep their pay raises.


 During a Mayor’s Council meeting this morning(Weds) Sinajana Mayor Robert Hoffman said they will fight bill 204 that was introduced by Senator Mike San Nicolas and Co-Sponsored by Speaker Judi Won Pat, Senator Nerissa Underwood and Vice-Speaker BJ Cruz. “It’s a fight we’re gonna fight together because people don’t realize what we do,” said Hoffman. The Sinajana Mayor encouraged fellow mayors to oppose bill 204 which would rollback raises for the Governor, Lt. Governor, Appointed Cabinet Members, Senators and the Mayors. After Senator Brant McCreadie introduced bill 201 which would only reduce the salaries of Senators, Senator Mike San Nicolas Speaker Judi Won Pat, Senator Nerissa Underwood and Vice-Speaker B.J. Cruz introduced bill 204. “Shame on those five senators. The gloves will come off. The gloves will come off. I’m ashamed that they’re Democrats. I’m ashamed that think that hey let’s just throw everybody here let’s see what sticks,” said Hoffman.

 The Sinajana mayor says mayors go above and beyond the 40 things they are required to do by law and he says they work harder than senators. “All souls day we were busy out patrolling doing the cemeteries. Where were they? Comfortable in their own homes. What do they do? Attend rosaries and funerals. What do we do? Host programs, coach do sports, 90 things that I could think of,” said Hoffman adding, “If they want we’ll gladly go back to only doing 40 things. Close up at five don’t work on the weekends don’t respond to fires don’t respond to floods you know what because it’s not even in the law that we have to do that.”

 Hoffman says the mayors work 12 hour days and 6 days a week at a minimum. “While they sit at their offices relax and go eat lunch and go do whatever else they do because God knows what they do outside of session,” said Hoffman in reference to the legislature. “I run into you guys on the weekends at the dump where are they? At the rosary, at the matai, doing this and shaking this and kissing this, come on,” said Hoffman.

 The rest of the mayors council seemed to agree. “I work hard for my village not because of the pay because of my responsibility to do my work as a mayor. So we are happy now that we have this so we deserve this pay now,” said Mangilao Mayor Nito Blas.

 Yona Mayor Kenjoe Ada says he’s been in the merchant marines and has operated a few businesses before becoming mayor. “By far being the mayor of Yona or being a mayor in my opinion is the most difficult thing I’ve ever done in my life to this point,” said Ada.


Bill 204 will be going up for a public hearing on Tuesday Nov. 9th. 


  1. You know what’s funny about this story? You have these mayors (many of whom only have a high school diploma) who are getting paid $75,000 per year and then you have a teacher with a Master’s degree earning much less than them. Now some people might say that a degree is only a piece of paper but these are the ignorant ones. Anyone with a higher education degree knows full well the work and sacrifice involved in attaining it. As for the mayors being against the roll back, the only one I heard complaining about it was Bob Hoffman (mayor of Sinajana) who one resident described as having never seen in his neighborhood in Sinajana. The guy loves to hear himself talk honestly.

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