MCCA hosting art exhibit meant to highlight waste crisis

The Micronesia Climate Change Alliance is hosting an art exhibit at the Guam Premier Outlets from Apr. 12 to May 1, 2022.

Aligning with the celebration of Earth Month, the Micronesia Climate Change Alliance is hosting an art exhibit meant to highlight Guam’s waste crisis. The theme is “Telling Tales With Trash” and features upcycled works of art by schools K-12 island-wide.

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According to Moñeka De Oro, Community Building Director of MCCA, Guam sends over 300 tons of trash to the Layon Landfill every day, which she said, equates to 500 carabaos worth of waste.

In an effort to curb the alarming amount of garbage entering the Layon Landfill, island-wide school participants converted one thousand pounds of waste meant to go into the landfill into works of art for the exhibit.

Moreover, the art exhibit, a creation competition, serves as an opportunity to give single-use plastics a second life and offers a creative outlet to tell relevant local stories.

Furthermore, the exhibit instills cultural pride, as each art piece represents a local or regional animal, plant, or legend. De Oro points out, “By engaging youth and by engaging young people to be creative and innovative and work together to create art and call attention to this issue– it starts to spread awareness so that people make conscious decisions about what they consume and more mindful about the way they live their lives and the impacts that it has on generations to come and on our land.”

PNC visited the art exhibit at the Guam Premier Outlets, which features beautiful upcycled pieces from over 400 students across the island. There are four age categories: pre-k- second grade, third grade-fifth grade, middle school, and high school.

Guam’s community is encouraged to visit the exhibit and participate as judges by casting their votes for their favorite pieces by scanning the QR codes.

When asked how she hopes the exhibit will impact Guam’s community beyond earth month, De Oro stated in part,

Funding for The Telling Tales with Trash exhibit was made possible through a grant from CAHA and the Office of the Governor. The exhibit will run from now until May 1st and voting ends on April 26th.