McCreadie Introduces Bill to Reduce Senators’ Salaries


Senator Brant McCreadie also introduced a measure that would allow lawmakers who received retroactive salary increases to opt to relinquish the increases and repay them back to the government.

Hagåtña, Guam – This morning, Senator Brant T. McCreadie introduced Bill 201-33 (COR) to exclude senators from the Competitive Wage Act of 2014 and to reduce their salaries to $55,307.00, which is the amount they received in 2010. Senator McCreadie also introduced Bill 202-33 (COR) to allow senators in the 33rd Guam Legislature who received retroactive salary increases under Public Law 32-208 to opt to relinquish those payments and repay them to the Government of Guam.    


Senator McCreadie stated, “Since I first entered the legislature last term, I have fought to reduce senatorial salaries back down to $55,307.00 with the introduction of Bill 30-32, which I co-sponsored with former Senator Michael Limtiaco in January 2013.”


“However, I supported the passage of Public Law 32-208 or Bill 1 (8-S) in consideration of our hardworking department and agency heads. They have significantly improved the operations and services of this government. Our government is in a much better financial position with the unprecedented timely payment of cash refunds and the effective management of cash flow. We are serving more people and getting more things done. I could not refuse to recognize and reward their tireless efforts and success for moving this government forward,” further stated Senator McCreadie.


“It is clear that the public does not support the increase in senatorial compensation with the passage of Public Law 32-208. Much discourse reflecting the public’s disfavor has been shared, and I feel it is my duty as a legislator to remain responsive to the will of the people and truly represent them. Introducing these bills is my moral obligation to correct what has been done. I work for the people, and they are who I answer to,” further stated Senator McCreadie.







  1. He is on his way out and is trying to make seem like he cares for the people….Adelup is getting ready to hire him because he did not want to reduce the Governor and Lt. Gov. salary…Get this joke Mcgreedy… out of the legislature.

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