VIDEO: McDonald’s Tests the Waters in Agat, Opening Temp Restaurant Soon


Guam – McDonald’s is moving down south. A temporary McDonald’s stand will soon be opening up down in the village of Agat.

The fast food chain will operate out of a container located at the Sagan Bisita or the area where Agat’s mango festival and night markets are held.

Agat Mayor Carol Tayama explains that this temporary McDonald’s stand will enhance their Sagan Bisita and allow the company to test the waters and see if there is a market for a permanent McDonald’s down south.

They will be operating on government land through a temporary lease.

“The MPC (Municipal Planning Council) approved the lease for the McDonald’s to come in and they’re going to be open I think everyday and like I said it’s just to try out and see how the southern people will take to a McDonald’s here,” explained Mayor Tayama.

McDonald’s regional manager Pacifico Martir tells PNC that if this temporary McDonald’s is successful he will recommend to his corporate headquarters that a permanent one be built in Agat.

This temporary McDonald’s should be open sometime this summer.