McKraut’s owner not too concerned about allowing big crowd inside his restaurant

The crowd at McKraut's last Saturday night. (Contributed photo)

Ludwig “Lutz” Uhmeyer, the owner of McKraut’s restaurant in Inarajan, has confirmed the authenticity of photos circulating all over social media showing a sizable crowd inside his establishment despite the governor’s PCOR1 restrictions.

In an interview with Kate Baltazar-Dodge on NewsTalk K57, Lutz admitted that he broke GovGuam restrictions on indoor dining and having crowds.

“Normally, I put them on the patio but there were so many people that I couldn’t fit them all outside. But everybody had such a good time. Nobody’s sick and everybody is very healthy,” Lutz said.

He admitted that the Guam Police Department and the Department of Public Health and Social Services went to his establishment on Saturday because of the violations.

“They were friendly and they explained to us that they were just doing their jobs so I said ‘okay, no problem.’ I tell people, sorry you gotta leave. We’ve got too many people here but I left some people outside on the patio,” Lutz said.

He added that there’s a strong feeling from many people who view the restrictions negatively. “People are losing their livelihood right now and they cannot pay their rent,” Lutz said.

When asked whether he felt he shouldn’t have allowed such a big crowd inside his restaurant, Lutz said: “I’m happy I did it because we were so happy … we’re supposed to be in a free world democracy, right?” Lutz said.