McNich: Prop “A” Poll on For-Profit Bingo Indicates 70% Think It Won’t Be Approved


Guam – The latest poll conducted by Ron McNinch’s students at UOG indicates 70% of those asked don’t think Proposition A, the for-profit Bingo initiative, will be approved

The email from Dr. McNinch states that the question that was asked is:

” Do you think Prop A, related to approving bingo at the old Guam Greyhound park will be approved or not approved.”

In his email, Dr. McNinch concludes that “70% appear to be against this measure.” 

360 people were surveyed. 

98 – Approved  – 27%
251 – Not Approved – 70%
11 – No Opinion – 3%

“This was a split quota sample with age and gender represented,” says McNinch.