McNinch Poll: Valentine’s Day Survey – How Married Couples Met


Guam – UOG Professor Dr. Ron McNinch has released the results of a Valentine’s Day poll conducted by his students which asked married couples how they first met.

The students asked couples who have been married for 5 years or more “How did you meet the person you married?” 

SEE the survey result details HERE

According to the results, the top 5 list answers were: 

1. 26% first met at school – K-12 School 26% (On the graph it is labelled grade school, but it is K-12.)
2. 22% first met through mutual friends or family
3. 17% first met at work
4. 9% met in college
5. 7% first met at a social gathering or a party

The results are based on interviews with 502 Guam residents between January 30-Feb 4 2014.