McNinch Survey Shows Incumbents Retaining Legislature


Dr. McNinch’s class surveyed 460 registered voters from April 8th-15th.

Guam – UOG Professor Dr. Ron McNinch has released a student run poll for the upcoming senatorial election. His poll even takes a look at who people think the next Governor will be.


 Dr. McNinch’s class surveyed 460 registered voters from April 8th-15th. In this particular poll they did not give any names of candidates rather they simply asked who people think would be elected. “Interestingly enough the key thing the poll showed us is just how powerful the incumbents are. There’s been a lot of criticism of the incumbents over the last several months but they’re all doing very well,” said McNinch.

 In fact according to this poll all the incumbents would get re-elected. Here is the Senatorial breakdown:


1) Mike San Nicolas 96

2) Frank Aguon Jr. 80

3) BJ Cruz 78

4) Judith Won Pat 75

5) Tony Ada 62

6) Dennis Rodriguez Jr. 57

7) Jim Espaldon 48

8) Tina Muna-Barnes 46

9) Nerissa Underwood 44

10) Rory Respicio 43

11) Tom Ada 32

12) Tommy Morrisson 24

13) Brant McCreadie 20

14) Mary Torres 16

15) Frank Blas Jr. 13

16) Aline Yamashita 8

17) Jermaine Alerta 4

18) Adonis Mendiola 3

18) Wil Castro 3

19) Regine Biscoe Lee 2

19) Telena Nelson 2

20) Louise Muna 1


 “The whole thing about pay raises and everything else doesn’t really matter,” said McNinch. “Why do you think that is?” asked PNC. “I think that it’s an issue for some but not for most. I think the pay raise issue for some people it’s very intense but most of the public just doesn’t view it as a big deal,” said McNinch.

 Also according to the poll Madeleine Bordallo would be re-elected as Delegate. Here are the Delegate’s race results


1) Madeleine Bordallo 309

2) Felix Camacho 63

3) Margret Metcalfe 19

4) Tony Babauta 12


 Then there is the Governor’s race. Frank Aguon Jr. led the pack. Here are the results of the Governor’s poll.


1) Frank Aguon Jr. 102

2) Ray Tenorio 51

3) Carl Guttierez 43

4) Lou L.G. 25

5) Mike San Nicolas 11

6) BJ Cruz 8

7) F. Camacho 4

8) Tony Ada 6

 Again it should be noted that this is based on who people think will be elected without prompting them with any names. This is why some have picked Felix Camacho for Governor even though he has announced that he will be running for congress.

 “It’s still very early for the Governor’s race but its kind of fun to take a look and see what names are coming up. Former Senator Lou Leon Guerrero’s name came up and she hasn’t even been mentioned yet publicly so very interesting ideas about who may be running in 2018,” said McNinch.

 McNinch’s class also asked “What political status do you prefer?” Here are the results:


1) Statehood 256

2) Independence 47

3) Free Association 34

4) Status Quo 11



 Dr. McNinch believes that state hood was the number one choice because most people want to keep their U.S. passport.