MCOG Discusses FY 2023 Budget


Funds were allocated, and a budget was made.

The Mayors of Guam, during their recent special monthly meeting, gave details on their upcoming 2023 budget.

PNC’s Jannette Samson has more on this story.

The Mayor’s Council of Guam has allocated $7.4 million dollars for personnel and operations.

The Mayor’s Council says that they do not want any money from the Guam Highway Fund as that money cannot be used for employees’ payroll.

Angel Sablan, Executive Director for the Mayors Council of Guam said, “It’s for highways and their renovation and reconstruction and their maintenance, so this year we have no money from the Guam Highway Fund. That money was instead given to the Department of Public Works, the $2.8 million, which it rightfully belongs to.”

The limited gaming fund, which was $442,611 last year was reduced to $380,225 this year.

Sabaln said, “We know it’s going to be this way because the past year during the pandemic, there was a reduction in business, reduction in the collection of business taxes, bingo, the game room, and things like that. So this $380 is actually divided. 380 for us, 380 for Parks & Recreation, and 380 for Guam Department of Education.”

As for village operations, maintenance, beautification, and public safety programs, those funds will remain the same as last year.

Sablan further added, “For the villages of Otdot and Inalahan, $150,000 each.”

Another difference in the budget bill from FY 2022 to FY 2023 is that the Mayors’ Council of Guam does not have the authority to carry over funds.

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