Measure introduced to ban bump stock firearm attachments


Guam – In an effort to improve gun laws to deter gun-related violence on Guam, Vice Speaker Therese Terlaje and Senator Telena Nelson have co-sponsored a bill that would ban bump-fire stock firearm attachments while also increasing penalties and fines for the possession of illegal firearms.

Machine guns and automatic weapons are illegal on Guam, but bump-fire stock attachments and similar devices are not.

Such attachments allow firearms to mimic an automatic weapon and only cost a few hundred dollars.

In addition to that, the bill would increase the penalties for the possession, sale or transfer of prohibited machine guns, automatic rifles and silencers to a 3 to 5 year jail sentence. It also increases fines up to $10,000.

In a legislative roundtable discussion held on March 7, a panel from the Attorney General’s office, the Guam Police Department, the Judiciary, and the Guam Department of Education talked about existing gun laws, penalties, and standard operating procedures related to deterring gun violence in schools.

At that time, both AG Elizabeth Barrett Anderson and GPD panel members agreed that bump-fire stock attachments were problematic because it simulates automatic fire.