Measure to make early voting a permanent option enacted into law

Early voters (PNC file photo)

On July 19, 2021, Governor Leon Guerrero signed Bill 120-36(COR) into Public Law 36-41, and the measure would make the Early Voting process a permanent option for Guam’s voters.

The legislation was introduced by Senator James Moylan, and co-sponsored by Vice Speaker Tina Muna-Barnes, along with Senators Joe S. San Agustin, Jose “Pedo” Terlaje, and Mary Camacho Torres, and the objective was to increase voter participation during elections.

The 35th Guam Legislature passed a measure last year, authorizing Early Voting for the 2020 elections, as the island was facing the COVID-19 pandemic. While overall voting numbers may have taken a hit on election day, most voters took advantage of the 30-day window to cast their ballot, as it was proven to be safe, simple, and convenient.

“Bill 120-36 was introduced to increase voter participation moving forward. While the 2020 election cycle was an anomaly, there was much positive interest with the convenience which early voting provided, that it was only practical to make the process permanent. While previous language provided the option for those with official reasons to cast their ballots early, this measure removes any and all restrictions,” stated Senator Moylan. “I would like to thank my colleagues, including Bill 120’s co-sponsors for their support of the measure, and Governor Leon Guerrero for enacting the legislation into Public Law,” added Senator Moylan.

Bill 120-36 (COR) was worked in collaboration with the Guam Election Commission.

“I would also like to extend an appreciation to Executive Director Maria Pangelinan of the GEC, and her team. They proved in 2020 that early voting can be managed efficiently, and I am optimistic that they will continue those efforts for future elections,” Senator Moylan also added.

(Senator James Moylan Release)