Measure to Repeal Raises for Elected & Appointed Officials Fails


San Nicolas and Cruz Only Senators to Vote Yes on the Bill

Guam – Lawmakers went into session this afternoon to discuss a measure to repeal the recent Hay recommended raises for elected and appointed officials but the bill failed by a vote of 9-2. Only Senator Mike San Nicolas and Vice-Speaker B.J. Cruz voted yes on the bill.

Bill 435 was introduced by Senator Mike San Nicolas this morning and by this afternoon lawmakers went into session. Acting Speaker BJ Cruz called the session at the request of San Nicolas. San Nicolas says the bill was not introduced as a reaction to the recent backlash for the raises including a petition started by Andri Baynum that has been circulating online. As of news time Baynum’s petition to repeal the raises had 653 signatures. However, San Nicolas says it wasn’t Baynum’s petition that caused him to introduce the bill. “Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been trying to find a legal angle to try and halt it based on an inconsistency in public law but unfortunately the way that bill was written there’s really no legal channel for us to be able to stop those raises and the only way we can do it is to actually move forward with an attempt to repeal public law. The reason why we want to do that is because it’s consistent with my position back in January. I don’t think we should be giving out raises to any of our elected or appointed officials until the quality of the life of our people is at a level where they’re comfortable giving us those raises the people are the boss,” said Senator San Nicolas.




  1. Priority number one ..,,vote MCcreadie and Respicio out of office..Thanks to the voters for voting Chris Duenas and Eilleen Yamashita out….They were in full support for pay raises….

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