Medical Examiner Rules Smokin Wheels Fatality an Accident


Dr. Aurelio Espinola says Jesse Salas died of multiple injuries.

Guam – Guam Medical Examiner Dr. Aurelio Espinola says the safety crew volunteer who passed away from a Smokin’ Wheels accident on Sunday died of multiple injuries. Dr. Espinola ruled the death an accident.


GPD Spokesperson Capt. Kim Santos identified the victims as 42-year-old Jesse Salas, who died at 7:08 pm Sunday and 48-year-old Lester Van Meter, who remains in stable condition at the Guam Regional Medical City.

The two men were ejected from their vehicle after one racer was unable to avoid them in time and struck their SRV. Both men were part of the safety crew and were assisting an overturned buggy.

Santos says as part of their investigation, police gathered information from the scene and interviewed some witnesses.

Meanwhile, Guam Racing Federation General Manager Henry Simpson said in a statement, “It’s a very sad day for the racing community and the people of Guam. We want to thank these gentlemen who have been committed to assisting our racing community with volunteer efforts and the hardworking medical staff who responded to this tragic incident. A full investigation is underway.”  

You can read the full statement by clicking on the file below.