Medical Examiner Says SWAT Trainee Suffered Heart Attack in the Past


GPD Officer Siegfried “Dove” Mortera passed away over the weekend after spending several days in critical condition at Naval Hospital.

Guam – A Guam Police Officer who was hospitalized while undergoing SWAT training has passed away. GPD Spokesman Officer AJ Balajadia says Officer Siegfried Mortera died Saturday evening after spending several days in critical condition at Naval Hospital.

Last week Wednesday, Officer Sigfried Mortera collapsed while undergoing SWAT training. He was rushed to Naval Hospital in critical condition. After spending several days in critical condition, he became unresponsive and was taken off life support Saturday evening. GPD Spokesman Officer AJ Balajadia.

“We are confirming that Officer Mortera did pass away on Saturday early evening. Our officers are mourning his death and we give our condolences and prayers to his family. We will be there to support his family through this,” says Balajadia.

Balajadia says Officer Mortera had been with the force for 17 years.

Medical Examiner Dr. Aurelio Espinola says Mortera had suffered a heart attack before he was rushed to the hospital. Espinola says according to his reports, Officer Mortera was not in any kind of physical stress when he suffered the heart attack. He also tells us that this is not the first time Mortera had suffered a heart attack.

Meanwhile, Balajadia says GPD has made adjustments to their SWAT program as two other trainees were hospitalized last week. One officer was taken to GMH for dehydration and another trainee was taken to Naval Hospital, also for dehydration.

“Since Wednesday there’s been some adjustments to bring them out from the heat at the range, because they were scheduled all last week to be out at the shooting range and they were brought in for some class time Thursday to just kind of rest and re-hydrate and what have you. All along they are told how extensive and how demanding this training is–I mean it is SWAT training–and to stay hydrated and eat,” Balajadia explains.

Balajadia also updates us on the condition of the two officers being treated for dehydration.

“From what I was told as of yesterday you have an officer that was admitted to GMH … that officer has made a full recovery and he’s still there for observation and should be released within the next day or so. As far as the individual or the officer that’s up at Naval Hospital, same results, he’s recovering and hopefuly that officer will be relased from Naval Hospital within the next couple of days,” Balajadia says.

Balajadia says GPD is speaking with the Mortera family to plan his funeral with full honors. He asks that the public and media respect the family’s privacy during this difficult time.