Megabyte robbed

The robbery took place during the early morning hours of Friday, June 28, and it was caught by Megabyte's surveillance camera.

It was a one-man job but it took the suspect minutes to gain entry and ransack MegaByte, stealing thousands of dollars worth of tech.

The incident took place during the early morning hours of Friday, June 28. The suspect depicted in the video parked at the rear of the Megabyte store in Tamuning before breaking into the establishment.

Jason Greg, Megabyte operations manager, shared just how the robber gained entry.

“He gained access by a sidedoor double security and he took a grinder to the lock and the door to gain access. With a good grinder, he could have probably gained access in less than a minute,” Greg said.

He added that it was a one-man job and while that while the robber is still at large, he was caught on camera

“Dark complexion, possibly local native islander. He was short, about 5”3. We ascertained that based on him standing up next to one of our shelves that is five feet tall and he was just barely above that shelf so we know that he was about 5”3. We know he was a short individual,” Greg said, adding that the suspect weighs about 150 to 160 pounds and has an identifiable crease between his eyes.

Greg said the robber has very distinguishable creases that was picked up on the surveillance camera.

Although hesitant, Greg says that it is possible that the suspect was able to obtain information about the establishment from a former employee because it seemed like the robber knew where things were hidden around the store.

Greg said that the suspect made off with laptops, tablets, and security systems.

“We estimate a little over $20,000 right now … like your high-end Microsoft tablets, those are a thousand dollars … Canon lenses those are very expensive as well, 200mm, 300mm, a bunch of go pros, laptops and security cameras of all things,” Greg said.

But the suspect didn’t just take store inventory, Greg said he also stole employees’ personal belongings and about $6,000 worth of federal government property.

After the robbery was complete, the suspect drove off in what appears to be a Toyota Corolla.

“We believe it’s a 1999 Toyota Corolla silver in color but it is heavily oxidized. It has black scratch or scuff marks on the right rear bumper, scratches on the roof right above the door. There’s a patchwork around the door handle on the right front door and heavily oxidized roof as well, and black steel rims. It’s a very identifiable car. I am sure somebody out there knows who owns this vehicle,” Greg said.

While Greg said the Guam Police Department is actively investigating the case and has persons of interest, Megabyte is asking the community’s help in tracking down the suspect. If you have any information regarding this case contact GPD at 477-4357.

MegaByte is also offering a $500 cash reward for information leading to the arrest of the suspect.


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