Memorial services held in countdown to Liberation Day

The Manenggon Memorial March was held on Sunday while the Kalaguac Memorial in Tiyan was held on Tuesday.

With Liberation Day coming up, memorial services are now being held throughout the island to commemorate 75 years since the end of World War II and Guam’s liberation.

To take part in these events, PNC attended the Manenggon Memorial March on Sunday and the Kalaguac Memorial in Tiyan on Tuesday.

The theme of the Liberation celebration this year is “A Legacy of Peace and Friendship.”

As we move into a future of peace and stability, Guam continues to honor the past and give homage to those who suffered and survived the war on Guam.

Seventy-five years ago, the CHamorus were forced to walk miles to reach the Manenggon concentration camp while under Japanese rule during WWII.

Countless CHamoru were beaten and starved. Many lost their lives at Manenggon, which is why this is marked as one of the sites of Guam’s greatest tragedies.

On Sunday, a memorial march was held where participants retraced the steps that they took a long time ago. Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero accompanied by Lt. Gov. Josh Tenorio was among those who walked the memorial march. After the march, participants gathered for a memorial service.

Survivor Priscilla Tuncap said this was her first time to participate because the pain was still too much and she couldn’t bear to relive the experience in previous commemorations.

“Our parents stayed in the cave. For food, they went out to the boonies and gathered lemai of all kinds. They cooked the food inside and we passed out the surplus food to the population outside,” Tuncap said.

PNC also attended the Kalaguac Memorial as local leaders, residents, military, and even the consulate of Japan gathered once again to foster the spirit of peace and friendship. Other memorial services will be held throughout the rest of July and early August.

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