Merizo mayor recovering at GMH after suffering 2 strokes

Merizo Mayor Ernest Chargualaf (PNC file photo)

Merizo Mayor Ernest Chargualaf is being treated at the intensive care unit of the Guam Memorial Hospital after suffering two strokes early Monday afternoon.

A CT scan revealed that Mayor Chargualaf suffered a stroke in two areas of his brain, according to Arthur San Nicolas, a close family friend.

The mayor was then treated to break up the clot that caused the stroke, but an EKG exam also showed that the mayor had atrial fibrillation, which is an irregular heartbeat that can lead to complications such as poor blood flow.

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“He was admitted into the ICU for monitoring and testing every two hours. He is testing for swelling. So far, he’s recovered very well. He’s able to speak, gained his strength, and eat on his own,” San Nicolas said.

According to San Nicolas, no visitors are allowed to see the mayor so that he can have time to recover. He is asking those concerned to pray for the mayor and his family.