Mermaid rescues drowning man


PADI advanced mermaid, freediver and instructor, and self-proclaimed water baby–Chin Burger is a resident of Guam who saved the life of a swimmer named Pablo off the shores of Catalina Island. Burger, along with four other freedivers and mermaids helped the swimmer 50 yards in the middle of the ocean to land, and to first responders who then performed CPR.

She said, “They took Pablo, they put him on a stretcher, and I watched every movement of those paramedics to bring him…”

The mermaid made headlines first on Newstalk K57 and now here on PNC for a hobby-turned-job of freediving and now certifying individuals wanting to be divers. She has a talent for being able to hold her breath for 4:11– static and 3:20 when diving.

Burger also received recognition from PADI for saving Pablo’s life.

She continued, “It’s a team effort, really but the recognition is like, I feel loved and recognized and that’s really a big deal for me.”

Not only is Burger a life-saver, but she is also a movie star. Starring as part of the underwater stunt crew in the Black Panther sequel–Black Panther 2. As to details about her experience and what she does, it’s still a secret until the movie premiers.

She teases, “All I can say is I’m part of the underwater crew, stunt crew.”

Burger plans to get her mermaid instructor certification in Florida this coming December to certify individuals who want to be a mermaid too, “It’s not just like pretty faces and like beautiful tails. We do safety courses as well. It’s part of the mermaiding program. So it’s really a big deal for me to be part of the program.”

Keep in touch with Chin or learn about when she’s offering lessons through her instagram at: @guam_babe_freediver

“Mermaids are real and we save lives.”

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