MERS Update


Governor Calvo has outlined the steps Guam is taking to prevent the spread of the deadly virus known as MERS.


In a statement released over the weekend, Gov. Calvo said, “(Gov Guam) is watching (MERS) closely. Government agencies are working with the CDC and the private sector to keep this virus from spreading to Guam, and keeping our people safe and healthy.”

According to the release, public health, GFD, Guam international airport authority, Guam Homeland Security, and GVB met last week to discuss protective and response measures. GFD and Public Health, with support from the Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting Unit will serve as first responders if potentially infected individuals are identified. Public Health and Airport Authority are working with airlines to provide a health alert notice informing passengers from South Korea or the Arabian Peninsula what they should do in the event they develop a cough or fever within the next 14 days of their arrival.