18 Year Old Cameron Masnayon Upgraded to Fair Condition; Transferred to Naval Hospital


Guam – 18 year old Cameron Masnayon has been transferred from GMH to Naval Hospital.

Navy Spokeswoman Coleen San Nicolas-Perez said the 18 year old is in fair condition.

GMH Nursing Supervisor Shirley Pineda says that Masnayon showed improvement after undergoing a second surgery and was strong enough to be transferred to Naval Hospital yesterday [Wednesday].

Masnayon is suffering from severe head trauma following an altercation in a Harmon parking lot early Sunday morning.

3 men have been charged with his beating and they are being held on $100K bail each.

According to the magistrate’s complaint, shortly before 4 am  Sunday Guam police found Mesnayon  lying in the parking lot of  a commercial building off  “Hamburger Highway in Harmon. He was lying on the ground in the parking lot between Von’s Chicken and a  laundromat. He was bleeding profusely from his face.

READ the Magistrate’s report HERE [scroll down to read the report in question]

The magistrates report states that Micheal Rosal Jr.  “admitted that he had struck the victim more than 3 times in the head with a baseball bat” and that he had also struck the victim “in the right rib cage with a broken rake handle.”

The magistrate’s report also states that defendant Daniel Rosal admitted that he had kicked Mesnayon continuously while William San Nicolas Jr., according to the complaint,  held off  Masnoyon’s friend Christian Lastimoza, with a knife.

What the report does not reveal is the motive.

1. Daniel Alan Rosal
m/chamorro/dob: 01/19/1992; Dededo
charges: aggravated assault; conspiracy;  guilt est. by complicity;  rioting title 9 gca;  jurisdiction over an adult
Booked and confined.



2. Michael Gregory Rosal Jr
m/chamorro/dob: 11/26/1990; Dededo
charges: aggravated assault; use of deadly weapon in commission of a felony; rioting; conspiracy;  guilt est. by complicity; jurisdiction over adult; criminal mischief. Booked and confined.



3. William Crisostomo San Nicolas Jr.
m/chamorro/dob: 09/24/1989
charges: rioting; assault; conspiracy to commit assault;  guilt est. by complicity;
Booked and confined.